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Meal Times

All our nursery meals are prepared by our nursery cook Nikol daily.  We source fresh meat from Wildblood's of Norden , Fruit and vegetables from Paul Smedley's fruit and veg, and our Halal meat is collected by Noreen from her local Halal Butcher.

We have seasonal Summer and Winter menus that run on a 3 week rota basis.  We also offer a weaning menu should you require a nursery place from an early age.  We regularly cater for children with special dietary requirements and religious and cultural beliefs.  We offer all children water to drink with meals and milk during snack times.  Fresh drinking water is available throughout the day.

We promote self-help skills by encouraging the children to serve themselves during mealtimes and help themselves to water throughout the day in Rising 3's and Pre-school room.

Our Cook - Nikol


My name is Nikol and I am the cook here at Supertots.  I started at Supertots in February 2024.  I am a mum of 2 boys, who both attended Supertots and made some wonderful memories.  I have always enjoyed cooking hearty and nutritious meals.  With my previous experience of running a catering business and working as a nursery practitioner, this is the perfect job!

Our Menu's

Golden Grin Award

Supertots is proud to have been awarded the 'Gold' award from Rochdale Council's Golden Grin Award Scheme.  The Golden Grin scheme is awarded yearly for promoting healthy eating and good oral hygiene in young children. 

As part of the Golden Grin Award we encourage healthy eating with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables on offer and mainly sugar free puddings.  We also only offer water at meal times. We are very proud that we have held this gold standard for many years.

Tooth brushing

As part of our commitment to good oral health, we encourage the children 2 years old and over to clean their teeth after lunch and tea time.

Each child has their own tooth brush and these are hygienically stored in a Brush Bus in your child's room at nursery.  Younger children are supported by staff to clean their teeth and the older children are encouraged to do this independently.  

We use a Fluoride toothpaste supplied by Rochdale's oral health team and contains the recommended amount of Fluoride for children.

Food Hygiene Rating

We are proud to hold a 5 in our food hygiene rating. 

This was last checked June 2023.

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