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Our Pre-school room is exclusively for children to start in the September before they are due to leave for school this helps us to ensure that we give them the best possible start and preparation for school life in our room which is mirrored to a school early years environment. They have one large room which is set up with a variety of different ‘learning’ areas and a separate language and literacy room where practitioners carry out learning lessons with their key group twice a day. They cover a range of topics throughout the year and are given homework and reading books to help prepare both parents and children for school life. We work extremely closely with schools within the catchment area and invite teachers in to meet the children in order for a smooth transition to their next journey.

Meet the team... 

Pre-School Team Leader
(Full Time)
  • Started October 2008

  • BA Hons in Early Years Practice

  • Paediatric first aid

  • Child protection and safeguarding

  • Food hygiene

  • FGM

  • BLAST trained

  • Letters and sounds  

  • Looking & listening

  • Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy

  • Outdoor play

  • Fun wiv foniks

  • Dough gym & funky fingers

  • Supporting boys to achieve

  • Fine motor & early mark making

  • The Prevent Duty & British Values

Pre-School Practitioner
(Full time)
  • Started October 2017

  • Level 3

  • Paediatric first aid

  • Child protection and safeguarding

  • Food hygiene

  • BLAST trained 

  • Letters and sounds 

  • Outdoor games linked to physical development

  • Rethinking behaviour support for young children

  • Engaging boys in the early years

Pre-School Practitioner 
(Full time)
  • Started November 2018

  • Level 3

  • Paediatric first aid

  • Child protection and safeguarding

  • Food hygiene

  • Letters and Sounds 

  • Creative stories & literacy

  • Engaging boys in early years

  • FGM

Maternity leave

Pre-School Practitioner 
Term- Time)
  • Started July 2015

  • Level 3

  • Paediatric first aid

  • Child protection and safeguarding

  • Food Hygiene

  • FGM 

  • Fun with numbers

  • Doodle stick literacy programme

  • Move to learn - Pre-school

  • Understanding behaviour in the early years

Pre-School Apprentice
(Full time)
  • Started October 2020

Pre-School  pet snail

I am a Giant African snail.  I hatched in 2012.

I have been a Supertots team member since 2018.

I love to eat cucumbers and apple with all my other snail friends pre-school have added to my tank.

I don't like being too cold or scared.

I love being handled by the children in pre-school as long as they are gentle with me.


In Pre-school we have a weekly Spanish lesson.  This is a great opportunity to start the children off with a new language.  Young children gasp new languages quickly, without even realising they are learning.  We Love 2 learn come into nursery each week to deliver their classes which are carefully designed to enhance the EYFS framework and best of all, through songs, dance and games they are lots of fun!.  Some of the many benefits include emotional well-being, teamwork and confidence building and increases cross cultural awareness​.


Homework is important in the Pre-school year as it encourages parents to have an active role in their child’s learning and development.  Practitioners will work in partnership with parents to ensure children are receiving homework which will be stage appropriate according to each child’s individual interests, and development.

Homework prepares preschool children for the next stage in their life….. going to school.  Homework relates to what is learned in pre-school and teaches children to become independent learners.

The types of homework we provide are:

  • Letter of the week

  • Practice writing our names

  • Number problems and shape work

  • Nature walks

  • All about me and my family

  • Pencil control

  • Feelings and emotions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

We also send reading books home with children to encourage imagination and improve language skills.


The Pre-school children have a weekly Zumba session with our dance teacher Sally.  Zumba is known to increase children’s range of motions, endurance and strength and helps to improve coordination.  Zumba is intended to be a social experience, and when children exercise together, they learn to work with a group.  It boosts confidence and provides an outlet for children to express emotions.


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